Saturday Sanctuary #3

The Saturday Sanctuary will be a Weekly Writing Post. I will ask something or give a topic. Sometimes it will be short, sometimes it might be longer. The idea is just to write! So others can read. I thought it would be a great idea for a Book Blog to do something about writing. We are bloggers after all so we must have some enjoyment of writing too! So hop on in and Join the Saturday Sanctuary, grab our link and our picture and post your replies here. Make sure you visit others blogs out there and leave comments. Mostly have fun.
Have you gone to see New Moon yet? If so did you enjoy it?

I went to the midnight showing of New Moon. And I have to say I enjoyed it. While it was not my favorite of the books I liked the movie. They stayed true to the book and the effects were great. The story flowed nice. I did get a little upset that they left a favorite seen of mine out. But over all, Thumbs Up.

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