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I found this over at Say it with Books, who found it at the website of Daniel Pennac a.k.a Daniel Pennacchioni. I found it a very interesting read to say the least and I have to say I fully agree with all of it.

1. The Right To Not Read
1. The Right To Not Read – This is something that I have to work hard to believe.We read for pleasure. Because we love it. But sometimes we forget that there are people out there who wish to not do so.We have to learn to respect this.We have to learn that there are lots of people who do not have the time nor the love for books. Yes, books are wonderful things and personally I don’t think I’d be able to live without them but there are those who might think otherwise.
This is not just something that applies to non-readers-Some of us, book lovers go through ‘reading slumps’ where we simply don’t feel like reading. Do not feel guilty. It’s your right.The right to not read.


2. The Right To Skip Pages
2. The Right To Skip Pages – There are two instances where I do this. One, when certain parts of a book feel repetitive and boring-I simply cannot bear to hear the protagonist go on and on about the eye color of that oh-so-swoony guy again. Second, when the book is so good that you simply have to know what happens between Warner and Juliette in Chapter 62. Go on take a peek. It’s your right.
3. The Right To Not Finish
3. The Right To Not Finish – Oh yeah, remember that book where the MC goes on about guy next door with the jet black hair and emerald green eyes that makes her knees go weak while the entire universe is about to blown to smithereens by some freaky meteorite thingy?Feel free to put it on your DNF pile without an ounce of guilt. You do have the right.
4. The right to reread

4. The Right To Reread – The Scottish author, Ali Smith words this particular right perfectly – You know when you hear a piece of music once, you haven’t heard it properly, you want to hear it again. A well-made book will reward you in exactly the same way as music does, in that you will understand and love a piece. You’ll feel the cadence and depth of it and hear things in it all the time. If you pay it a little more attention, it will reward you, like all art. Like everything, actually.” So read again. Again. And Again. Until you cannot do it anymore. Remember, it’s your right.
5. The right to read anything
5. The Right To Read Anything – Do you know what my favorite week of the year is? The Banned Books Week.This week celebrates the freedom to read ANY book. Go ahead and buy that censored book, take a peak at your US Weekly magazine or order a bunch of those happily-ever-after romance novels, we promise not be judgmental pricks. It’s your right after all.
6. The right to escapism
6. The Right To Escapism Virginia Wolf says it best. “These moments of escape are not to be despised. They come too seldom.” So go escape into a book and live your life as a princess,a knight,a bandit and a magician for a few hours. Laugh out loud and cry your heart out – You definitely have the right.
7. The right to read anywhere
7. The Right To Read Anywhere – In bed, by the pool, in the tree house/tent,in your classroom , in the car(not a great idea if you suffer from motion sickness like me), here, there and anywhere. So what’s the weird-est place you’ve read in?
8. The right to browse
8. The Right To Browse – Those favorite parts in the book that you are reading right now? Go read that again. Give your buddy a chance to browse and pick out their fave parts too. That’s right-Have fun!
9. The right to read out loud
9. The Right To Read Out Loud – The written word has the power to make you hear, feel and to see. Read aloud and celebrate the power of words!
10. The right to not defend your tastes
10. The Right To Not Defend Your Tastes – This one is related to Right #5. Sometimes we see that people are attacked for the books that they read. Don’t let anybody’s opinion dictate what you should read-there are no right or wrong books. You should not have to justify to anybody as to why you read a particular book. Read whatever you want and please do return the favor by not being a book snob.
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