Quotable Sunday #28

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

You`d be a fool and an unwise man to say never. I haven`t as yet had a gay relationship – not since school anyway – but I`d never say never. That would just be foolish. I think the more of a big deal we make out of that stuff, the harder it is for people to act how their heart wants them to act.
Gay (“Rome” star James Purefoy never says never…) [2006]Posted by Ampakine Anyone who went to an English [private] school in the 1970s will have had some kind of a gay experience. You bang 500 adolescent hormonal boys together at exactly the time when they`re exploring their sexuality, and don`t be surprised if some shenanigan comes out of it.
Gay (“Rome” star James Purefoy never says never…) [2006]Posted by Ampakine If you find yourself always playing the villain, or if you find yourself being typecast into a corner where you`re not happy then that`s probably rather miserable, but if I have been typecast I am quite happy about it. I`m trying to work out what I have been typecast as. I don`t know – what do you think it is?
Posted by wdwdemo In the July 4, 2001 Newswatch, Wild West End column: “There was one woman whom I was absolutely infatuated with, but she had no interest in me. I was very young at the time and thought the way to prove my love was to write a book for her. It ran for pages and pages and I had it bound in leather to give to her. But it still didn`t have the desired effect. I can`t remember what the book was called or even what it was about. It doesn`t matter now.”
Posted by wdwdemo Ah, nudity. That`s quite a recent thing, the nudity. It`s an early autumn of my career. (Jan. 2006)
Posted by wdwdemo The age of chivalry isn`t dead, is it? It doesn`t even have to be a man or a woman that you could be chivalrous to. If somebody`s in trouble you give them a hand.
Posted by wdwdemo The first job I ever did was Equus on stage, as the boy, and I was 17, and we opened the show with me naked in the spotlight being examined by doctors. That was my entrance to the stage, so anything after that was easy. Also, for some reason, nudity was never shameful, it was never brought up in my household when I was a kid, there was no `dirty, dirty sex`. It`s not like we all ran around naked in some horrid 70s nightmare, it just was never an issue, and because it was never an issue I`ve never been embarrassed, I guess.

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