Quotable Sunday #2

Welcome to Quotable Sunday! I can’t wait to get around and read your quotes today. The rules of course are never changing but in case this is your first time joining in, I would like to welcome you and let you know the basics:~Post one or more of your favorite quotes on your blog in a post.~Come back here and link your post in the mister linky below(on http://www.juststopscreaming.com/ ).~Check back throughout the day and go read some awesome comments and leave some luv!

This week I am feeling like icky sick with a cold. So i have a thought to shout my quote is eww i am sick, lol. Instead i will do one that makes me smile. Just one.

“Forged in War, Born in Death, Saved by Love” – Jackson Rathbone on Jasper Hale

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