My Challenge Update

So it is going to be April and I decided to take a look at how my challenges are shaping up. And I have to say not to bad on most of them.

For my overall challenge I have read 34 out of 125 books.

I have completed 3 out of 12 on my YA challenge.

I have completed 2 out of 10 on my Historical challenge, but will be reading another two this month.

I have completed 1 of 6 for my “what’s in a name” challenge. Again I have 3 coming up this month.

I have not completed any for my themed book challenge which finishes in July. But again I have several up for this month 2 or 3 than I will be getting some other books that are first in the series to I can finish it up.

I have completed 6 out of 12 books for my year of reading dangerously challenge.

Over all I think I am doing pretty good on my challenges. I will admit I dropped the ball a bit on the themed book challenge I forgot about it. Oppsy, but I am going to make it up I will get it finished by July!

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