Musing Monday #9 Non Fiction

This week’s post asks:
Do you read non-fiction regularly? Do you read it in a different way or place than you read fiction?
(question courtesy of Diane)

I do not read non fiction regularly. And when I do read it I don’t approach it any different than my fiction, unless it’s for a research project. Being a historian I do read non fiction but it’s not something I work into my general rotation. When I am doing a research project obviously I will pick books for that topic and generally pick it apart for what I need. If I am reading it just for pleasure, I pick whatever jumps out at me at the time.

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One thought on “Musing Monday #9 Non Fiction

  1. I’m not a huge NF reader either. But the memoirs I come across are ususally pretty good.

    I hope New Moon is just as good Twilight 🙂 A little concerned with a different director.

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