Musing Monday 5/27/13

This week I am not doing the usual Muse of books and everything. Instead I am saying a Happy Memorial Day and Thank you to all who lost lives defending freedom. Also I am posting something my friend Missy Posted today as a muse.

Memorial Day: the day set aside to honor the MEMORIES of those who lost their lives in, or as a result of, service to our country. (And let’s not forget that those whose service resulted in PTSD and who take their own lives because of it, fall into this category.)

Veterans Day: the day set aside to honor ALL veterans, both living and dead, both peacetime and wartime, who served honorably for our country.

Armed Forces Day: the day set aside to honor all CURRENT/ACTIVE-DUTY serving members of the armed forces.

Why am I posting this? Because our nation has come to also use this day to honor and recognize ALL veterans both of peacetime and wartime. Of this category I know many, including family members (I even married a vet). I celebrate them on Veterans Day.

And while I will not refuse to acknowledge and honor any who served, *today* is for those who lost their lives and the family and friends of those who mourn for those who, in the end, did give the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Their grief and loss *deserves* its own day.

My thanks and honor today go to those who lost their lives in, or as a result of, service. You gave the ultimate sacrifice, as did your families and friends.

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