Musing Monday #33

While Rebecca of Just One More Page is on holiday, MizB has posted the question of the week:

When you buy books, do they immediately go onto your bookshelf to wait until you’re ready to read them (even if that means months/years from then!), or do you read them right away? What makes you do this? If you’re a ’shelver’, why do you think you don’t read the books right away? Do you ever feel guilty for letting the books sit there, unread? If you’re a ‘read-em-now’ person, why do you feel they have to be read right away? Do you give away the books when you’re done, too?

In general I am a shelver. I put the books on my shelf and get to them when I get to them. I don’t feel bad about it because books don’t ever get old in my opinion the story isn’t a trend, it’s a story. It is not like food it won’t expire. Sometimes I will read a book right away, like if it is the latest in a series I am really enjoying and I have the bug to read it, or something along those lines.

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One thought on “Musing Monday #33

  1. I'm a shelver too…

    I have a To-Be-Read pile that continues to grow and they go in the pile along with the rest and when I am ready to read a new one, I choose one. Works for me lol…

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