It’s beginning to look a lot like jewelry

It is that time of year when we deck the halls and sing about holly and all things Christmas, or Yule, or Chanukah whichever winter themed holiday you celebrate with your family. Now if your Husband, Boyfriend or just significant other is anything like mine hints do not work and sometimes you just have to tell them what you want and go from there. I cannot be the only one who has to do that can I?

Now I normally just go ahead and purchase my own jewelry because when I see something it tends to be easier to get it myself at the time, but this year I decided to let my Husband know I want something that sparkles under the tree. This beautiful bracelet hit the top of my want list and I made sure to not only send him the link to the item but the picture, no mistakes here! While selecting my favorite item I came across a lot of wonderful pieces on the Kranich’s site, many which I book marked for birthdays and holidays.

Did you know that they make colored diamonds now? I was not aware of that personally until I started looking at the beautiful pieces on the site and found that they have diamonds in Blue, Yellow, Black and Brown. One of the reasons I myself never really liked diamond jewelry (my engagement /wedding ring is not diamond made it clear I didn’t want diamond) was that the color for me never seemed to pop. I know that is not the most common thought process and I admit as I have gotten older my stance has wavered many of the regular diamond pieces appealed to me as well, however the colored diamonds really popped for me and made me smile. Even better is the fact that they have something that can fit every pocket book, here are just a couple examples:

This stunning blue diamond pendant is $1,600.

While this beautiful necklace with black diamonds is just $150.


Kranich’s doesn’t just have diamond jewelry either but a variety of items, really there are so many I can’t possibly post them all but I am going to put up some of my favorites.

This Belle Etoile Beauty Bound Maroon Pearl Ring is just $275, and comes in more then just maroon.

Animal lovers (like me) are going to love these Sterling silver and Blue enamel earrings for $147.50

Also as for uniqueness you can get masonic items here and that is something I have never seen at any other jewelry site myself. My Grandfather was a Mason so I can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into a piece like this.

So there are just a few of the reasons I am choosing to send my Husband shopping at Kranich’s this year, but beyond that they are a business that you can trust. The company was founded originally under the name Kranich Brothers Jewelers in 1903 and has steadily expanded and brought quality items since then. They also are involved in a lot of charity events, and I personally will always love a company that gives back.

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