Replacement foam



I love my critters and I would never trade them for anything in the world. However last year Isis went through what I call a tantrum phase and destroyed some of our cushions. Most have been replaced various ways but we have one chair cushion that I have not been able to replace. I just could not seem to find the foam replacement, I thought to just try some stuffing but that didn’t work. The great news is that I found out about Foam Factory outdoor cushions and after a little looking am on my way to getting the foam replaced for that chair. Finally I can sit happily in it again!

Social mobile apps

Social media is everywhere today in the land of technology. I love social media as many of my loyal readers know. What I am getting into now more and more though is social media apps. I do not mean just the ones that you are used to seeing for Facebook and Twitter like Hootsuite and everything, but applications in which you can branch out and meet more people.

Because I tend to be so busy with freelance work, reviews and many other things I do not get to go out and socialize as much as I used to. Let’s face it these days it is also easier to log in then to go out. Cheaper too! One that I started checking out because a friend pointed me to it can be used at home on facebook as well as on the mobile version; it is called Hot or not.  I prefer the mobile app for this one because I am trying to get to be savvier with what I do on my mobile versions.

I am sure the first thing many of my readers are thinking is, what is that sounds a bit odd. Well it is actually kind of fun really and an interesting way to say I want to meet you. The line up is a bunch of pictures and you are presented with the choice, Hot or Not seems pretty straight forward. You do also get a list of things you might have in common so you are not basis on looks alone. If you find them hot you tap the heart if not the close out x and they are sent a message. Pretty easy and you are not sending messages to sling any kind of bad mud or anything, it is all about deciding if it’s a person you want to meet  (online) or not.  I think it is fun and it is getting me more into the idea of using my mobile apps while on the go. Hot or not is also offering a $1000 sweepstakes if you want a little more incentive on trying the app.

Health Insurance


So was chatting with a friend today who only just found health insurance in greensboro and started to wonder, is it still so hard? I mean I know I personally had some issues with the health care website at first but things seem to have ironed out sort of. Not to mention that any big website launch I expect to see some issues when you first start with them, just one of those growing pains thing. However maybe it is a little harder to operate then it seems. Anyone else have some thoughts on that? I am always open to listening to what problems friends, family and readers a like are having.

Theres an app for that


These days with tablets and smartphones you really do not have to worry about anything not being on the go. Which when you are super busy that is a very good thing to keep in mind. Being super busy and on the go you need stuff to come with you because you just might not have time anywhere but say in the car while someone else drives. These days this also includes real estate you can check out this very cool real estate checklist app so that you can list or buy your house on the go, among other things.

Immigration Lawyers


Immigration is a hot button issue these days. However not everyone comes to this country illegally, many (some of my family included thank you) come legally. That does not mean however that they do not need help. The United States legal system is hard to navigate on your own, immigration and all the hoops you need to go through for that is no different.

One area that is a high rate of immigration is Los Angeles , the city of Angels is attractive for many different reasons not the least of which is the draw of Hollywood. So if you or someone you know plans on making that jump soon check out immigration lawyers in los angeles and be prepared.




Bankrupcy is something that I have seen happen in my family before. Not me personal but those who are close to me have and I always wonder and worry about other friends having the same issue. In one of my pondering moods I got curious and did some research and along with the usual rights of those who are filing did you know there are creditors rights? I honestly didn’t until I started doing my research. It is information I am packing away for the future in case something happens to me, friends or family.

Booklet printing (huzzah internet)


I do a lot of printing and booklet printing so when a friend of mine recently needed some booklets printed she came to me and asked if I could help her booklet printing nyc. Thankfully I was able to help her find something in a relatively fast amount of time that didn’t break the bank. I have to say I am glad I live in an age of the internet where all I have to do is google. Make it so much easier even when I am not local to help friends out.


Household repairs


Thanks to the super cold weather that is blanketing the country again, we have had a lot of knobs break off items that we keep in our garage. I am talking, water knobs and even the knobs on the nice shiny new grill my husband has. Thankfully rather than having to run from store to store I found a store that sold all of these huzzah for online shopping and being able to easily get what I need to make repairs around the house.

Acoustic guitar amp


Time for a little bit more amp chat because, well that seems to be the topic of the weekend here. Hubby’s guitarist has been searching for a long time for an amp for his Acoustic guitar, sometimes you simply must have something different after all. Luckily he found the fantastic crate ca 15 amps at wwbw and we here at the house got to hear a sample of how it sounded and I have to say I really enjoyed the sound. I very much look forward to hearing more.


Auto Insurance


The holidays are over and I don’t know about all of you but I know some friends who got new cars for Christmas. It seems like a smart idea because the dealers offer some great deals (like everyone else) over the holidays. The only thing that I have noticed most people don’t think about is the auto insurance rates for a new car; they do tend to be higher. However if you want to look for something affordable and reliable check out these auto insurance rates, and see if any fit your post holiday budget.


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