Tada! The new Purple Booker design has arrived….well mostly.

Once upon a time…


Okay, so I announced on the previous teaser Tuesday that you would likely find the place was a little bit changed here at The Purple Booker. Or a lot changed, depending how you look at it. The bottom line though is after almost 11 years of this blog being a blog, it was time to really spruce up the place. And to work on getting a little more savvy with the times.

I have loved books my whole life. I am sure that is a statement that will strike a chord with just about any reader of this blog. Trips to the library growing up for me were like trips to mecca. Getting to go to the used bookstore and select a few books as a treat was better then any fancy doodad or pair of designer shoes that other kids preferred.

I simply devoured books from an early age, summers I was usually found curled up on the porch reading a book I would also beg my Mom to take me back to the library so I could swap out books. I read under the covers with a flashlight all the time. And finding out that I would never ever be able to read every book in the world was truly a sad event for me. It was an event that I literally grieved for.

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