Readble Kingdom Looking for Tour Hosts!

Okay this is a bit of a shameless plug, I admit it. However it is my blog so I think I will plug a little bit I have not done any of that in a very long time after all!

I am active in hosting tours and I have been since I started this blog. I did have some slower time periods but I was still always hosting. I finally took the jump and started my own promotion company and I feel I have a fantastic team of people (yes including me) ready to review more books and get the word out. All comers are welcome for our Authors but we will be putting a big focus on Indie Authors who do not have huge budgets and huge publishers behind them. Being the wife of a Musician who has played in some awesome bands without a label I really understand Indie Artists of all sorts.

I offer to my readers be you fellow reviewers or Indie Authors who may be looking for some promotion. Readable Kingdom.

The site is still fresh and we have not gone into heavy advertising just yet, but it is open and I would love to get some more hosts on the roster. So if your interested check it out and drop a line. If you see things that could be improved let me know about that too. I am always happy to work on things.

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