Planned Books for Nov

I don’t have a nice neat pile like previous months because I am so behind. But I am trying to get back into the swing of things and prepare for my 2010 Challenges. So keeping that in mind. Currently here is my planned books for this month.

Currently Reading: To the Tower Born by Robin Maxwell 307 pages

Courtesans by Katie Hickman 336 pages
A Poisoned Season by Tasha Alexander 306 pages
A Lady of High Regard by Tracie Peterson 336 pages
Jemima J by Jane Green 373 pages
Hunted by P.C Cast & Kristin Cast 323 pages

July Book List

Quiksilver 456 pages
Memories of Magdalene 183 pages
Cocktails for Three 301 pages
Mr. Darcy’s Decision 206 pages
The Virgin’s Lover 438 pages
Nectar from a Stone 436 pages
The Deception of the Emerald Ring 430 pages
Founding Mothers 278 pages
Chosen 307 pages
Murder of Helen Jewett 409 pages
Untamed 338 pages

June Book List

1st-3rd- Just Jane by Nancy Moser 352 pages

4th-7th- The Naked Earl by Sally Mackenzie 352 pages

8th-11th- Chemical Cowboys by Lisa Sweetingham *Blog Tour*

12th-15th- Washingtons Lady by Nanzy Moser 352 pages

16th-17th- Surviving High Society- Lots of Love Trumps Lots of Money by Elizabeth Marvin Mulholland 184 pages

18th-20th-Bitter is the new black by Jen Lancaster 416 pages

21st-23rd- How Do I love Thee? by Nancy Moser 352 pages

24th-27th The Host by Stephanie Meyer 624 pages *Blog Tour*

28th-30th- Secrets to Happiness by Sarah Dunn 288 pages

May Book List

April Page Total: 3784 pages

1st-3rd The Apothecary’s Daughter by Julie Klassen 416 pages

4th-7th- A perfect waltz by Anne Gracie 341pages

8th-11th-A rake’s vow by Stephanie Laurens 374 pages

12th-15th- The perfect rake by Anne Gracie 360 pages

16th-18th- Marked by P.C Cast and Kristin Cast 306 pages

19th-21st-The Wild Irish by Robin Maxwell 391 pages

21st-23rd- Blue bloods by Melissa De La Cruz 302 pages

24th-Dating Mr. Darcy by Sarah Arthur 187 pages

25th-27th- Betrayed by P.C Cast and Kristin Cast 310 pages

28th-31st-Masquerade by Melissa De La Cruz 305 pages

If I get ahead of schedule: Order of the Phoenix by J.K Rowling 870 pages

April Book List

March Pages: 3989

1st-2nd Kiss Me, Annabel by Eloisa James 386 pages

3rd-4th Conversations with a Fat Girl by Liza Palmer 314 pages

5th-7th The Naked Duke by Sally Mackenzie 317 pages

8th-11th Pleasure for Pleasure by Eloisa James 404 pages

12th-15th The Naked Marquis by Sally Mackenzie 349 pages

16th-17th The Pickpocket Countess by Bronwyn Scott 281 pages

17th-The True Confessions of Charolette Doyle by 221 pages

17th-19th Hearts and Bones by Margaret Lawrence 344 pages

20th-21st Mozarts Sister by Nancy Moser 331 pages

22nd-25th Lady of Milkweed Manor by Julie Klassen 405 pages

26th-28th The Masque of the Black Tulip by Lauren Willig 432 pages

Prepareing the May Book List

Alright my book friends, who wants to help me decide what books to read for May? I have April all sorted though I might make a few changes, But May is wide open. I try to read a book every 3 days. So we shall say lets pick 10 books for May..

These are the books on my current short list..

A Rakes Vow by Stephanie Laurens (Cynster book 2)

Quiksilver by Neal Stepheson

Blue bloods by Melissa de La Cruz (bk 1)

Masqueade by Melissa De La Cruz (bk 2)

Revelations by Melissa De La Cruz (bk 3)

The Virgins Lover by Phillipa Gregory

Order of the Phoenix by J.K Rowling

To the Tower Born by Robin Maxwell

The Perfect Rake by Anne Gracie (bk 1)

The Perfect Waltz by Anne Gracie (bk 2)

A Lady of High Regard by Tracie Peterson (liberty bk 1)

Mr Darcy’s Decision by Juliette Shapiro

The Wild Irish by Robin Maxwell

Nectar from a Stone by Jane Guill

Marked by P.C Cast (bk 1)

Betrayed by P.C. Cast (bk2)

Chosen by P.C Cast (bk 3)

A promising man by Elizabeth Young

The cry of the Dove by Fadia Faquir

The Naked Duke by Sally Mackenzie

The Naked Marquis by Sally Mackenzie

The Naked Earl by Sally Mackenzie

The Murder of Helen Jewett by Patrica Cline Cohen

Jemima J by Jane Green

The Awakening by Kate Chopin
Founding Mothers by Cokie Roberts

Dating Mr Darcy by Sarah Arthur

March reading list update

Yay. I will have to adjust my march-reading list, because I was offered a book from a new Author to review. Yippee! It is in EBook format, which is not thrilling, but the book itself looks good and I am excited to read it. So keep a look out for my review on Dirty Little Angels.

March Book List

Feb page total 3554

1st-We need to talk about Kevin 400 pages

2nd-5th BergDorf Blondes 371 pages

8th-11th The Boleyn Inheritance 514 pages

12th-15th And Only To Deceive
320 pages

15th- A Dangerous Dress 309 pages

16th-19th The Huntress 490 pages

20th-21st About Face
201 pages

22nd Dirty Little Angels 170 pages

23rd-25th True Stories of Law and Order 281 pages

25th Perfect Day 383 pages

26th-29th Fashionistas 281 pages

29th-31st All the Numbers 269 pages

February Book List

Jan Page Total: 4206

3rd-7th-Goblet of Fire 734 Pages

8th-11th- Shoot The Moon 356 Pages

11th-12th- Bastard of Istanbul WL 357 Pages

13th-16th-Serpent Prince 367 Pages WL

17th-18th-Virgin:Prelude to the Throne 243 Pages

19th-20th-Six reasons to Stay a Virgin 293 Pages

20th-Testimony of an Irish Slave Girl
206 Pages

21st- Two women
195 Pages

21st-22nd-Mount Vernon Love Story
223 Pages

23rd-Chocolate Therapy
173 Pages

23rd- The Handmaidens Necklace 407 Pages

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