Booking Through Thursday: Graphic

Suggested by Vega:

Last Saturday (May 2nd) is Free Comic Book Day! In celebration of comics and graphic novels, some suggestions:

– Do you read graphic novels/comics? Why do/don’t you enjoy them?
– How would you describe the difference between “graphic novel” and “comic”? Is there a difference at all?
– Say you have a friend who’s never encountered graphic novels. Recommend some titles you consider landmark/”canonical”.

Sadly, I don’t have much to say to this weeks BTT. I don’t read graphic novels. I did used to read comics but that was a very long time ago. I mostly read the X-men comics. But once it branched into so many diffrent kinds of X-men I gave up trying to follow.

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4 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Graphic

  1. I’ve got some tips on my post about how to venture into the world of graphic novels, if you’re interested in doing so. I’m very much a literary fiction person myself, so I had to first get a glimpse into the artistry behind them and then I could appreciate them as a wholly separate type of art, rather than comparing them to novels (which helps me).

    You can check out my post here.

  2. I know what you mean about the branching out on X-Men. I first read it when I was seven, thanks to an cousin who was an avid collector. Later, I discovered Japanese comics and left behind Marvel. I still prefer manga though hehe.

    @thekoolaidmom – try delving into Japanese comics (the English translated ones, of course). There’s a very big selection of works that’ll definitely change your mind about it being a boy thing 😀

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