Booking through Thursday 2/27/14

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What do you think of fanfiction? In general—do you think it’s a fun thing or a trespass on an author/producer’s world? And of course, obviously specific authors have very firm and very differing opinions about this, yet it’s getting more popular and more mainstream all the time. Do you ever read or write it yourself?

Well this will come as no surprise to my friends, but some readers may find it one. I like fanfiction in general. Now of course like books there is good fan fiction and bad fanfiction just like anything, but I do like it. I know authors work hard to make their characters and books, and I think all proper credit should be given when you write a fanfiction but it is a creative outlet. I am not sure how I feel about fanfics that get turned into books ala 50 shades of grey, but my general thought is thumbs up. Yes I do write fan fiction though I rarely share it outside of my inner circle.


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