Booking Through Thursday 12/19/13

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Sadly I again did not see a question on the blog, but my friend Anah is happy to provide me with things to keep the brain working so here we go this week she asks:

What is your major draw to your favorite genre?

This is a really good question and one I actually did have to think about a little bit. Seeing as I have not actually read a book in my favorite genre in a little while because I have been focused on branching out. My favorite genre is Historical Fiction, now I like all genre’s (well most) but Historical Fiction is generally my go to and the one I most look forward to releases in. It is the history buff and nerd in me that draws me to the genre I think. I just love jumping into lives in the past and fully embracing the differences that you can find there. I am sure the fact that I am a consummate Rennie and such has nothing to do with it. right?

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