Book Tour: Spin the plate by Donna Anastasi

Today we have an excerpt from Spin the Plate, by Donna Anastasi, currently on tour with Walker Author Tours. Here we see the hero of the story, Francis, reflecting on his first encounter with Jo. Enjoy, and don’t forget to pick up your copy of Spin the Plate!

Francis was distracted. He’d been haunted all day by the woman he’d spoken to on the subway. His face reddened as he remembered once again what he’d said to her, Jesus loves you, you know…He rested his elbows on the desk and pressed hard against his eyebrows with the palms of his hands. Great opening line, Francis. But what choice did he have? When he received ‘a word,’ as he sometimes did, he felt obliged to deliver it, no matter how inconvenient.
His chest rose and fell heavily as his thoughts flooded with the image of her powerful body and exquisite face: he’d stole a long enough look to penetrate her harsh expression and see the features beneath—distinctive cheek bones, long lashes, full lips. She was unlike any other woman he’d ever met—spirited, strong, iron-willed, and absolutely unafraid. He closed his eyes and imagined the scowl melting from her face. She looked serene. And beautiful. She was angry and hurting, but behind the hurt there was something there. He had to speak with her again.

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