Book Review: Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle by Amy Fecteau

Matheus Taylor didn’t ask to be murdered.

To be fair, the percentage of people actually asking to be murdered is probably small enough to be safely ignored, but he felt it was worth stating regardless.

His life might have been ordinary, but it was his life and he wasn’t done with it yet. Quin didn’t care. A seventeen-hundred old Roman, Quintus Livius Saturnius had a different view of morality than most people. Killing Matheus and hijacking his undead existence seemed perfectly acceptable to him.

Now, Matheus spends his nights running for his life, questioning his sexual orientation, and defying a mysterious new threat to the vampires within his city. Not that he set out to do any defying; he just wanted to be left alone.

Unfortunately, that was never going to happen.

This book was fantastic. I laughed, I worried, for the most part I did not want to stab anyone for getting Vampire mythology wrong. I did however want to stab the bad guys and I did have a little bit of a fit when the book ended. Not because the ending was bad mind you, but because it just dropped off and I wanted more. I hope there will be another book.

It is hard to say who I love more, Mat or Quin they are both sarcastic humor kind of guys that just make you laugh as they banter with one another. If I was forced to pick one I think it would be Quin because in many ways he reminds me of what Marcus Antonius might have been if he was a vampire. A killer at destroying those who need it, a man with rules (no feeding from women who are pregnant) and sarcastic as the day is long when the occasion calls for it.

Love this book, because guess what? Real Vampires don’t sparkle.

My Gemstone Rating:


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