Book Review: Wicked by Shannon Drake

Camille Montgomery is aware of the wicked man’s reputation. But as an expert in antiquities, she also knows his family’s Egyptian artifacts are the finest in England. The problem is, her wayward stepfather knows this, too — and he’s determined to steal them. So when he’s caught in the act of robbing the so-called Beast of Carlyle, Camille must swallow her fear and boldly confront the man whose mask is said to hide a face too loathsome to behold.
The Earl of Carlyle has lived in the shadows ever since the suspicious death of his parents. But he’s never stopped trying to unravel the mystery behind what he suspects to have been their murder. And now that the lovely Camille has stumbled into his life, he has the perfect pawn for his deadly game of vengeance and deceit. But in laying his ruthless trap, will he risk losing his own heart?

This was a great Book! A page turner at every angle. Its a constant mystery over the who dun it. With the romance layered on top. A great story also of a woman in Victorian age trying to make her own way. Trying to come up past what society would think of her. What society deems is proper, and what is not. And along the way she wins the “beast”. I was worried it might be a little to Beauty and the Beast want to be. But that is not the case at all.

*Also Used for my Historical Fiction Challenge*
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