Book Review: We Need to Talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver

In this gripping novel of motherhood gone awry, Lionel Shriver approaches the tragedy of a high-school massacre from the point of view of the killer’s mother.In letters written to the boy’s father, mother Eva probes the upbringing of this more-than-difficult child and reveals herself to have been the reluctant mother of an unsavory son. As the schisms in her family unfold, we draw closer to an unexpected climax that holds breathtaking surprises and its own hard-won redemption. In Eva, Shriver has created a narrator who is touching, sad, funny, and reflective. A spellbinding read, We Need to Talk About Kevin is as original as it is timely.

This book is shocking, it is so grippingly raw that you will get emotional over it.Not very many books can take the very sensitive material of a high school killing, that was so forward in the headlines and turn it into a peace of art.. The book is told in a format of letters from the mothers point of view. You can deal with things from her perspective, and all of her raw emotions. If you can handle a high charged read this is a can not miss for you. I enjoyed it though it made me cry, I am glad it took me this long to find Kevin, I honestly don’t think I could have handled it before now.

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