Book Review: Under the Blood Red Moon by Mina Hepsen

Cursed with the ability to hear the thoughts of others, beautiful Angelica Shelton Belanov feels most comfortable when hidden away in the library of her father’s English country estate. Now family duty requires that she make an appearance at a glittering gala, mingling with the cream of London society in hopes of finding a suitable husband. Assailed by the unwanted “chatter” of many minds, Angelica finds relief in the company of a handsome aristocratic stranger who remains, refreshingly, an enigma.

But Prince Alexander is not like other men. The powerful leader of an Eastern clan of immortals, he has come to London to hunt down a rogue vampire who threatens the survival of his dwindling kind. Angelica can sense that Alexander is dangerous, a mystery to be unraveled at her own peril. Yet desire sears them both–she, the bewitching telepath, and he, the fearless leader who must learn to trust his heart. And unrestrained passion has strict demands that could cost them both their lives…and their souls.

The chemistry between the lead characters, Alexander & Angelica will leave you suffocating for air. The fire, the intensity, & the devotion for each other is much to be desired for alone. After reading each moment they had shared, my pulse went into hyper-drive. I thought about this book every moment of the day, unable to STOP reading it. After I read the last word, I clung onto it for dear life, as it was my ultimate lover. It will lead you to the edge of your seat, wanting & yearning for more. If you are searching for a book w/an immense source of passion, action, suspense, & explicate detail; you will not be disappointed with this book. I would HIGHLY recommend it above all the other books I’ve read & wrote reviews about thus far. It has topped my list of favorites & will probably remain for a significant amount of time

My Gemstone Rating:


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