Book Review: True Stories of Law and Order by Kevin Dwyer & Jure Fiorillo

True Stories of Law and Order

The crimes,the suspects,the trials,-as they really went down.

I used to read true crime all the time. In recent years I have taken a break from that genre and branched out. That being said I am still a huge Law and Order watcher, and having had this book in my TBR for a while I decided to read it.

And I picked the right book to read. True Stories of Law & Order picks 25 of the better known stories to tell you. It gives you the “ripped from the headlines” look at how Law & Order played it, than tells you the real story. This book spares no details I the telling of each of these stories. While some of them are more exciting than others, I know I was riveted to the page every time I flipped it.

If you have a weak stomach I do not recommend reading this book. Many of the stories give the very grizzly details, and several involve young children. But if you can handle such details and are a fan of the True Crime genre this is a book for you. To me it was very interesting to get the true facts behind some of the Law & Order episodes I liked best. I also found it interesting to see just how much they changed things, or didn’t.

One nice thing that the book also has is the occasional sidebar of extra information. It takes the time to explain some of the cop and lawyer lingo and tells you just how much it is actually used in real work. Or as in the case of some actions is not legal to use at all. If you enjoy this kind of book and are looking for a riveting read go out and pick up this book.

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