Book Review: The Perfect Rake by Anne Gracie

Book Description:
She ran from a brute…
Fleeing the harsh guardianship of her grandfather, Prudence Merridew escapes with her beautiful younger sisters to London. One of them must marry—and fast. To act as her sisters’ chaperone, Prudence invents a secret engagement to a reclusive duke… But when the duke arrives unexpectedly in London, she needs his help to avert disaster.

…into the arms of a rake
Aristocratic Gideon, handsome, rakish and with a strong frivolous streak, casually hijacks Prudence’s game, awarding himself a stolen kiss or three along the way. Used to managing sisters and elderly men, Prudence is completely out of her depth with a charming, devious and utterly irresistible rake. And her plot goes terribly—if deliciously—awry…

The Perfect Rake started out as a fantastic novel, it is a fun and light hearted romance that fits perfectly in the genre. I don’t mind saying that I am a little bit addicted to your bodice rippers, while I try to go with some that go against the grain lightly I still love the formula and the happily ever after. Which with The Perfect Rake you do get. However, the story ends up being a little lack luster.

About midway through this book it drags, and you will get a little tired of the Hero and Heroine. It becomes a point where the hero is just TO perfect, to sweet. He sets himself up like a martyr and it gets a little bit old. Over all the characters are likeable, and they aren’t absolutely horrible. But I think around page 180 or so I wanted to club our hero Gideon over the head with a cup of raffia. I mean is supposed to be a rake, it would have been a bit nicer if he acted a little bit more like a rake.

But all is not lost, the book may not be perfect but it’s not a failure either. Over all the characters are likeable, and there are some rather amusing moments between Gideon and Prudence. So if you don’t mind a little bit of melodrama, and a slight drag in the center, you will enjoy the book. And for me while it wasn’t perfect, It did make me want to continue on and read the next book in the series.

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