Book Review: The Black Stallion and Satan by Walter Farley

Satan has won the Triple Crown, yet Alec still misses the Black, who’s living in Arabia with Sheikh Abu Ishak. Unexpectedly, Alec receives word that the sheikh has died and has left the Black to Alec. A race between the Black and Satan is inevitable, but unexpected events put the horses in the path of a raging forest fire. Suddenly, they are racing for their lives.

What can I say about this book that I have not already said about the others? This is a fantastic book while of course, by today’s standards, it is an eye archer about the Triple Crown winner but hey, it is a story and a fantastic story at that.

Once again, Walter Farley has made me smile and remember about my childhood and just why I loved these books so much. I sat down and read nearly all of them in a single week when I was growing up in the summer. Of course, I did not have anything else to do than either. If you love horses and love enthralling into a good story. I recommend you read this series.

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