Book Review: Testimony of an Irish Slave Girl by Kate McCafferty

Kidnapped from Galway, Ireland, as a young girl, shipped to Barbados, and forced to work the land alongside African slaves, Cot Daley’s life has been shaped by injustice. In this stunning debut novel, Kate McCafferty re-creates, through Cot’s story, the history of the more than fifty thousand Irish who were sold as indentured servants to Caribbean plantation owners during the seventeenth century. As Cot tells her story-the brutal journey to Barbados, the harrowing years of fieldwork on the sugarcane plantations, her marriage to an African slave and rebel leader, and the fate of her children–her testimony reveals an exceptional woman’s astonishing life.

A very touching book. A heart felt story about a woman who was taken as a child and turned into a slave.An Irish slave. I enjoyed this book. It flowed a little different than most books I read but over all I did enjoy it very much. It is a good story, touching, and it will surely make you feel for the conditions and the situation that All Slaves have been in.
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