Book Review: Select by Marit Weisenberg

Coming from a race of highly-evolved humans, Julia Jaynes has the perfect life. The perfect family. The perfect destiny. But there’s something rotten beneath the surface—dangerous secrets her father is keeping; abilities she was never meant to have; and an elite society of people determined to keep their talents hidden and who care nothing for the rest of humanity. So when Julia accidentally disrupts the Jaynes’ delicate anonymity, she’s banished to the one place meant to make her feel inferior: public high school.

Julia’s goal is to lay low and blend in. Then she meets him—John Ford, tennis prodigy, all-around good guy. When Julia discovers a knack for reading his mind, and also manipulating his life, school suddenly becomes a temporary escape from the cold grip of her manipulative father. But as Julia’s powers over John grow, so do her feelings. For the first time in her life, Julia begins to develop a sense of self, to question her restrictive upbringing and her family prejudices. She must decide: can a perfect love be worth more than a perfect life?


I was so excited when I was approved for this book on Netgalley, it has been a while since I have visited there and this book caught my eye. Sadly the excitement for me didn’t last very long. It isn’t the worst book I have ever read, but it is not anywhere near a favorite either.

The ingredients for this being a solid and even great read. The idea of special humans isn’t new of course but the premise on this one focused on kids and trying to come off as normal. Of course they were in High school, yeah it wasn’t great the first time around. Anyways for me this book just kinda never took off, it was just okay I didn’t find myself feeling connected to any of the characters.

All the lust and waffling that came from our main character just had me wanting to pull my hair out. If you like more then a little teen angst and a lot of whiplash you might like this book. For me however it just wasn’t all that great.


My Gemstone Rating:


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