Book Review: Seeds Across the Sky (Lodestone #4) by Mark Whiteway

The discovery of an ancient artefact sends Keris of the kelanni and the human Alexander McCann spinning back into the distant past to uncover a threat more terrible than either of them could conceive.

‘Seeds Across the Sky’ is the fourth book in the best selling Lodestone Series.

Seeds Across the Sky by Mark Whiteway is the fourth book in the Lodestone series and another solidly fantastic book. With this instalment of the exciting series Keris is investigating the theft of an important artifact that takes her to Alexander the last human and from there the adventure continues when he is able to get the artifact for her. If you want a book that is once again full of adventure, fun, twists and power this is really the book for you. While it is clearly part of a series I personally feel that if you were to come along this one first there is enough information that it could be a standalone as well. Mark Whiteway clearly knows what he is doing when it comes to writing Science Fiction and has become my new favourite author in the genre.

My Gemstone Rating:


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