Book Review: Kiss Me, Annabel by Eloisa James

The RULES OF MARRIAGE…according to Miss Annabel Essex
A husband must be:
Make that very rich. She’s had enough of leaky roofs and thread-worn clothing.
London is the center of the civilized world, and Annabel has a passion for silk and hot water.
Good-looking would be nice, but not necessary. Same for intelligent.

Isn’t she lucky? She’s found just the man! And her chosen spouse is nothing like the impoverished Scottish Earl of Ardmore, who has nothing but his gorgeous eyes, his brain — and his kisses — to recommend him.
So what cruel twist of fate put her in a carriage on her way to Scotland with just that impoverished earl and all the world thinking they’re man and wife? Sleeping in the same bed? Not to mention the game of words started by the earl — in which the prize is a kiss. And the forfeit…

Well. They are almost married, after all!

Kiss me; Annabel is the second book in Eloisa James’s hot Essex sister’s series. In addition, I can say without a doubt that it does not disappoint. I came upon this series accidentally and read the third book before I knew it was a series. However, finding out that it was I happily picked up the others. In addition, have yet to be disappointed.

Annabel is by far the most greedy of the Essex sisters, seeking to trade her good looks much like a courtesan does for a mans favor. Nevertheless, she is not content to be improper about it she will give her beauty only to a rich Englishman who will marry her. But she gets a shock when a handsome Scotsmen not only gets in her path but there is a scandal and she must marry him.

This book was so fun and so touching, I really enjoyed it and had a fun time reading it. The author even states that it is loosely based on Shakespeare taming of the shrew and I do not have a bit of trouble believing that. When you read it, you will know what I mean. However, in all honestly it is a very easy to follow read, in the historical romance genre Eloisa James stands out.

The writing has a fun flare to it, and you find some mysteries wrapped in. Nothing to deep but still a little something to make it fun. Moreover, the secondary characters of this story are just as fun to follow around as the main characters. If you are a fan of historical romance, and England and Scotland, you really do need to read this book. You follow the women around from country to country, and see just what Annabel ends up marrying for. Love? Money? Or both.

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