Book Review: Fashionista’s Lynn Messina

At Fashionista, all is fair in fashion and war. Life at Fashionista magazine can be a real bitch. Especially when you work for one. Vig Morgan finally worked her way out of the assistant-for-the-bitch-from-hell trenches only to get stuck in a sea of editors. But Vig isn’t like the other associate editors at the aggressively hip and overwhelmingly current Fashionista magazine. For one thing, she couldn’t care less which star wore which designer to which party. Sure, she’s clever and witty — and just as ambitious as the next over qualified underpaid underling, but she would never get drawn into a plot to depose the evil editor-in-chief. Or would she? Jump with Vig into the choppy waters of scheming, backstabbing, free speech, flirtation and fashion, as the lackeys at the bottom of the masthead band together to take down the queen at the top, with some unexpected — but not necessarily unpleasant — results.

Lynna Messina has to be one of the funniest authors I have ever read. I picked up this book not sure what to think as I had not read any of the authors work yet. Well that is going to change, and it’s going to change soon. Fashionistas is a hilariously funny romp through the vapid world of glossy magazines.

Vig Morgan is a low totem pole employee at Fashionista who gets brought into a plan that in the beginning she wants not mart of. The plan is to get rid of the mean tyrannical boss Jane. And replace her with the seemingly nice people friendly Marguerite. You will join Vig as she travels through dealing with the plot and keeping the rest of her life on track.

If you are a chic lit fan you can not possibly miss this book. Vig is funny and witty and gets herself into some interesting scrapes. Her love life reminds me a little bit of Bridget Jones, she is always complaining that the only men she is attracted to are the emotionally unavailable kind. Enter Alex Keller the mean ogre from that office that no one sees who turns out to be devastatingly handsome.

I honestly had trouble putting this book down because it was so good. I was literally laughing out loud at several points thanks to the witty dry way that Vig sees everything. She seems to be a polar opposites of her best friend Maya who makes several appearances to the reader and is just as funny. If you’re looking for a fun and fast read that will bring a smile to your face I recommend Fashionistas. I guarantee you will have a sore face from smiling so much when you read this book.

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