Book Review: Dating Mr. Darcy by Sarah Arthur

Any girl who has seen Pride and Prejudice or read the Jane Austen novel knows that the much misunderstood Mr. Darcy is the ideal gentleman. But is it possible to find your own Mr. Darcy in today’s world of geeks and goons? With smart tips, spiritual insights, and discussions of Jane Austen’s popular stories and movies, best-selling author Sarah Arthur equips young women to gauge a guy’s Darcy Potential (DP) according to his relationships with family, friends, and God.

I am not in need of dating advice, but this book seemed fun read. And it was. And I do have to say that for any woman who likes reading, and maybe even if you don’t Mr. Darcy is one of the world’s perfect men. Oh sure his initial aloofness leaves a lot to be desired, but over all he is a great choice of man. Sarah Arthur does a fine job of interlacing literature, humor, wit and useful tips into her book.

Weather you’re a single girl or not you can use this book as something to look at. It really does offer some practical advice to dating and just relationships in general. And if you’re a Jane Austen fan there is no doubt that you will enjoy the references to it. Dating Mr. Darcy was a fun and fast read that if you have just a couple of hours you can knock it off and have fun while doing it.

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