Book Review: Darkborn by Alison Sinclair

For the Darkborn, sunlight kills. For the Lightborn, darkness is fatal. Living under a centuries-old curse, the Darkborn and the Lightborn share the city of Minhorne, coexisting in an uneasy equilibrium but never interacting. When Darkborn physician Balthasar Hearne finds a pregnant fugitive on his doorstep just before sunrise, he has no choice but to take her in. Tercelle Amberley’s betrothed is a powerful Darkborn nobleman, but her illicit lover came to her through the daytime. When she gives birth to twin boys, they can see, something unheard of among the Darkborn. When men come for the boys, Balthasar is saved by the intervention of his Lightborn neighbor-and healed by the hands of his wife, Telmaine. Soon he finds himself drawn deeper into political intrigue and magical attacks, while Telmaine must confront a power she can no longer keep sheathed in gloves, a power she neither wants nor can control.

Step into the world of the Darkborn the Lightborn and the Shadowborn in this interesting story that has been woven by Alison Sinclair. I can say one thing for this book I found it to be very unique. It took me a little longer to get through than I might have liked because I had to adjust myself to a lot of the terms used and how things worked, such as Sonn. However once I adjusted myself to the language of the book I found it to be very enjoyable.

The main players in this book are the husband and wife pair of Balthasar and Telmaine and the shadow hunter Ishmael. The web that is drawn in this book is very deep and there is no way that it can be completely summed up in just over 300 pages. A good thing this book is the first book of a series right? You are never fully sure what is going to happen next in Darkborn from magic, to fires to kidnappings. It really does take you on an adventure throughout.

I personally enjoyed the way that Alison Sinclair switched the perspective of the story from one character to the next. While in some stories it can be irritating it really seemed to fit the layout and the plot of this one. Telmaine goes from an unlikeable character to one I admired and hope to read more about in the next novels while her Husband was one I clicked with right away. Over all this is an enjoyable book once you are able to immerse yourself in the different world that has been created for you.

My Gemstone Rating:


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