Book Review: Dancer (Terran Times) by Viola Grace

Seduced into becoming host to an ancient goddess, will Del survive the attentions of the god of lust?

Del is taking erotic dance classes at the Companion Centre when she locks eyes with a huge, burly alien with a vivid green gaze. He has come to secure a Companion to act as a permanent host to a goddess, but when he hears Del’s bright laughter, he changes his target from Companion to dancer.

Kurat has been raised as host to two gods. Changes in his body have made it difficult for him to take a casual lover, only a mate will do. With Del’s bright soul welcoming his, he knows the moment he meets her that she will be the one the goddesses will accept.

With the god of lust and the god of war agreeing to his choice, Kurat’s entire being is in agreement. The dancer will be theirs.

First book of the year for me and this one was just alright, I almost put it down from boredom in the first pages but it managed to keep my attention for a fair amount of time. I admit I have not read the first book in the series, and that may have something to do with it. So the first thing I would say that Dancer is not a stand alone at all.

I am personally used to my Sci-fi not having casual references and wording that fit into a modern or earth society and this one did so that set me off it a little bit and just kind of made me lose the feel for it. Other than that the flow was pretty decent and the writing itself was enjoyable enough. As someone who dances I did like the different descriptions of dances and some of the way to explain why Del chose such a broad course load, but we did not stay with that to long once Kurat entered the picture.

Overall this was an okay one for me, not fantastic but not terrible, I think if you have read the first book in the series you will be a bit more attached then I was to the world and what is going on with it.

My Gemstone Rating:



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