Book Review: Confessions of a Call center gal

Madison Lee is a fresh college grad, ready to take on the world of print media. But she has zero luck landing a job. Unemployment is at ten percent and on the rise. Desperate and left with no other options, she accepts a position as a service rep at a call center in Pocatello, Idaho. At the Lightning Speed call center in Spudsville, Maddy plunges into the wild and dysfunctional world of customer service where Sales is prided over Service and an eight hour shift is equivalent to eight hours of callers bashing her over the phone. Oh sure, the calls are bad. But Maddy manages to find humor on the phone and off the phone. And with all the salacious drama behind the calls, there is never a dull moment at the Lightning Speed call center.
Lately . . . Maddy has been pining for her smolderingly gorgeous co-worker Mika Harket. Now things are heating up on the phone–and elsewhere. Don’t hang up on this novel. Working at a call center has never been this garish . . . or this delightful.

This is a very funny tongue and cheek book and I had fun reading it. Some of what is it in might be considered politically incorrect, but it is all said in good fun and frankly in a way that often happens in a call center. Like the author I have worked in a call center and can say a lot of what goes on is right on the mark. It is funny and also just a fun story of friends and a little bit of romance.

The only reason that  I didn’t give this book 5 stars is sometimes the British wording threw me off. I know that seems like a silly reason, but I expect my American authors to word in an American form (and I read the author bio to make sure). That is my only niggle and the book is great otherwise. I had a lot of fun reading the book and it is a great Chic lit book.

My Gemstone Rating:


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