Book Review: Buyer Beware by Diane Vallere

Release Date: March 5th 2013

Out-of-work fashion expert Samantha Kidd is strapped. But when the buyer of handbags for a hot new retailer turns up dead and Samantha is recruited for the job, the opportunity comes with a caveat: she’s expected to find some answers. The police name a suspect but the label doesn’t fit. Samantha turns to a sexy stranger for help, but as the walls close around her like a snug satin lining, she must get a handle on the suspects, or risk being caught in the killer’s clutches.

Buyer Beware by Diane Vallere is the second book in her Style and Error series of mysteries. Samantha Kidd is an out of work fashion expert who is like many who are unemployed struggling to make ends meat. It would seem her prayers have been answered when she is recruited to be the buyer for a hot new retailer, but all is not as it seems. The person in the position before her has been murdered and while she is offered the job it is expected she find some answers. So a girl has to do the job, help solve the murder and try not to be murdered herself.

The first thing I can say about Buyer beware is that for the Kindle version there were some serious formatting issues. I am sure (or at least I hope) these will be addressed before the publication date because when you are reading a book it can be very distracting and take you away from the story with such glaring issues. That aside the book itself was okay.

It had good pacing and the character of Samantha Kidd is likeable. The writing style in using Samantha’s point of view makes it an entertaining read and it is a fast one too. I would have liked some of the plot pieces not to be quite so predictable. Even as someone who is just getting back into mystery books I was able to figure out several pieces of the story well in advance. It is a good read if your looking for something fast and fairly entertaining, if you liked the first book a lot you will probably like this one as well.

My Gemstone Rating:


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