Book Review: Blood and Roses by A.K. Alexander

Someone is torturing and killing high-stakes players in the horse-racing world, deliberately mimicking equine injuries. Legs shattered, knees hobbled, shot point-blank between the eyes, all signs point to an animal activist gone rogue. But San Diego CSI Holly Jennings knows better. She’s seen enough violence in her time to know the difference between a killer bent on revenge and a killer seeking sheer destruction.

To stop him, Holly must venture beyond the gleaming facade of jockey silks and Derby hats into the seedy underbelly of the racing world, where ambition and greed trump ethics and fair play, and people will do anything—even kill—to win. But just when she thinks the killer is within her reach, a ghost from the past returns to threaten it all: her case, her job…and her life

It has been a while again since I have read a dirty and gritty crime novel, but what can I say I love anything in the horse racing area so I thought I would give this one a try. I love the idea behind this book and the writing pretty much carries that out. There were a few parts that for me dragged a little and could have either been cleaned up more, or left out all together.

Other than that this really is a win if you are a lover of mystery and thriller genre. It has everything you could want for that and set in the horse racing world. I will be looking for some more by this author when I am in the mood for a good thriller again.

My Gemstone Rating:


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