Book Review: Blog Tour Gone away into the Land by Jeffrey B Allen

John, a twelve-year-old boy, travels into a place where he will battle his father (the beast) and rescue Marney, his younger sister, and in the process save the Land from its own demise. John’s journey to find his sister and seek ultimate revenge on his abusive father will lead you into a wonderland that happens to also be experiencing the abuses of greed and tyranny, yet on a much grander scale. He and his mother find themselves embroiled in a civil war that threatens both the Land and the World. John’s harrowing struggle will embrace the child within you, while challenging the philosophical and spiritual unknowns of those who have GoneAway. Yet, for all of its upheaval, GoneAway ¿ into the Land, will leave you with a feeling of hope, and a yearning for more.

Gone away into the land came up to me as a book to read for a blog tour. And I am so glad it did. This book was fantastic, and in a month where I have read some bla books it was nice to have a stand out among them. Not saying all of my books this month have been bla, they haven’t but Goneaway is one of the best.

Jeffrey Allen spins a fantastic story about John and Marney. The pacing in this book is positively wonderful; it is slower than a lot of books but just right for the tone of this novel. He reveals a little bit of the story at every turn. There are some things I personally didn’t see coming, but I wont give them away I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Honestly if you enjoy a good yarn pick up Goneaway into the land. You will not regret it at all. It is wonderful read. And it is perfect for summer reading.

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