Book Review: Big Girls Don’t Cry by Author: Donna Hill, Brenda Jackson, Monica Jackson, Francis Ray

From the acclaimed bestselling authors of Living Large and A Whole Lotta Love come four romantic and sexy stories celebrating big, bold, and beautiful women.

This was a fantastic book. I laughed and enjoyed it the whole time. The four stories included in the book are all about being happy with yourself no matter what size you are. You can be fun, flirty, and sexy. Enjoy your life no matter what. I think that is a fantastic message. They also seem to give you the feeling that there is love out there for everyone no matter what. Young Old, small large in the end it really does not matter. Just live your life and be happy.

Therefore, ladies if you want to feel happy, confident, sexy and desirable give this book a read. It will make you smile and likely make you feel at least one of those things. Moreover, a very good reminder is found throughout the stories. Just be Happy.

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