Book Review: Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Skyes

Plum Sykes burst on to the literary scene in 2004 with her beguiling debut novel introducing readers to the glamorous world of PAPs (Park Avenue Princesses) and her loveable heroine, Moi, a “champagne bubble of a girl” who became an instant hit with readers from coast to coast.

I am sorry it took me so many years after publication for me to find this book. The Bergdorf Blondes is a really wonderful romp through socialite New York. The book follows the point of view of Moi, with her friends Julie Bergdorf (the queen bee of society), Lara and Jolene and may others. At some parts you want to laugh and ask yourself can anyone really be this shallow. They abbreviate everything including the word PH for potential husband. But, at the end of the day you really just do have to laugh about it.

Moi takes us not only into the world of the fashion obsessed “Princesses of Park Avenue” but through a series of her own very poor relationship mistakes. There is Zach, the moody depressing photographer who treats her like crap, who she almost marries. Eduardo the married, with children prince from some where or another, Patrick the married man with the psycho wife. And of course the very “regrettable” Charlie Dulain, who is Julie’s boy friend, or so she thought. You will get a few curve balls you didn’t see coming in this fun little run around the world, from New York to Rio and back again. I recommend reading this one if you want something easy, and something to lighten your mood.

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