Book Review: Alice Hartley’s Happiness by Philippa Gregory

When Professor Charles Pringle does not react to his wife`s special birthday dance of the seven veils, Alice decides to leave him and moves in with an unsuspecting student, Michael. His aunt dies and leaves him her house, so the couple move in and convert it into a “growth centre”.

Well thanks to this book I now find myself really locked in a book slump. I hope to break that slump soon.

I have loved Phillipa Gregory’s other works and I mean loved. I was very excited to delve into something that seemed a little different but since it was Gregory would be good. Sadly I was to be disappointed. While the writing is still in the usual reader friendly style that makes the book easy to read and a fast read, the story is just bad. There is not a single likeable character in the whole of the book. I wanted to like Alice at first being dumped by her Husband, a free spirit. That like did not last very long at all.

Once again that seems to be all I can say about this book. I have issues with saying negative things about books, but safe to say I did not enjoy this one much at all.

My Gemstone Rating:


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