Book Review: After Dead: What Came Next in the World of Sookie Stackhouse by Charlaine Harris

Dead Ever After marked the end of the Sookie Stackhouse novels—a series that garnered millions of fans and spawned the hit HBO television show True Blood. It also stoked a hunger that will never die…a hunger to know what happened next.

With characters arranged alphabetically—from the Ancient Pythoness to Bethany Zanelli—bestselling author Charlaine Harris takes fans into the future of their favorite residents of Bon Temps and environs. You’ll learn how Michele and Jason’s marriage fared, what happened to Sookie’s cousin Hunter, and whether Tara and JB’s twins grew up to be solid citizens.

This coda provides the answers to your lingering questions—including details of Sookie’s own happily-ever-after…

The book will feature extensive interior art by acclaimed Sookie artist Lisa Desimini, including a Sookieverse Alphabet, color endpapers, and several full-page black and white interior illustrations

I am going to add some warnings to this review. First take heed:


Second, I am not one of the masses who is angry that Sookie ended up with Sam. I thought it was a bit, well okay whatever. I do however hate when authors betray characters and readers. Yes I know they are the author they can do what they want, but still. So there are the warnings.

First this book is WAY over prices. Do not waste your money on it. I am sure there will be plenty of copies in the give away bin soon enough.

So the round up:

Sookie ends up having a hum drum life. Kids. work you know normal person. well good for her.

Bunch of random people we don’t care about have humdrum lives too.

Bill becomes the King of Louisiana (this made me laugh) book Bill never had interest in it was more of a loner, but hey lets make something like the shows right?

Now Eric, yes my favorite character from Day one. I was angry when she sold him off into slavery in the last book, but I thought okay okay so now he will get a good ending. She wouldn’t make it worse… WRONG.
She tries to make us postively sure that because Eric is a survivalist and his nature is strong , Eric is able to find happiness in slavery with Freyda…except WTF? The chilling parallels to Eric’s early years with his domineering, abusive maker, Appius Livius Ocella, hang over his life with Freyda can’t be missed by ANYONE. Despite CH taking pains to characterize Freyda as ‘strong but fair’, the fact that Eric spends the first years of his marriage pining for Sookie and his old life (just as he once pined for his children and his human life when he was turned by Ocella) merely hammers home how much his own will has been denied in this situation. CH tells us that as with Ocella, Eric learned to care for the one who had taken everything from him, and eventually he will be happy. So much so that when offered his freedom, he decided to stay with her. REALLY?! He comes off as an abuse victim falling into familiar patterns, not the Alpha Male we know and love. I am sorry but she did say he was a VIKING right? I mean seriously VIKING….there is no way the Eric we were lead into loving would be steam rolled like this. NO WAY.

So guess what this book gets a NEGATIVE Gemstone rating. Yes I hate it that much on all levels. Way to betray all of the people who have spent years and lots of money on your books CH. WAY TO GO. Seriously.


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