Book Review: A Little bit Wicked by Victoria Alexander

Who will be the last unmarried man standing?

No man in his right mind would want to get married, but every duke, earl, and viscount knows that a fellow must do his duty in the end. So four of London’s most desirable gentlemen make a wager—the prize going to the one who remains unwed the longest.

Gideon Pearsall, Viscount Warton, thinks he has a fair shot at winning. After all, he’s managed to enjoy the favors of many a lady while resisting the parson’s noose. Even when he’s stopped dead in his tracks by the most scandalous woman in all of London—Judith, Lady Chester—he vows to have her bedded but never wedded.

Beautiful, and more than a little bit naughty, Judith has always kept herself within the bounds of respectability, even while playing by her own rules. And the experience has taught her to avoid marriage. She has no desire to resist Warton’s hot kisses, and his tempting touch is impossible to ignore.

But soon both Judith and Gideon can’t help but wonder . . . is it possible to be a little bit wicked and still follow your heart?

Well I was so hopeful as it had been a while since I read a historical romance, and sadly this book let me down. I really cannot think of too much to say for a review because the book is just not that memorable. The banter between the two main players is lack luster and not that entertaining. It is not witty and over all the book just fell flat, I had hope but alas it’s painfully obvious not much fun.

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