Book Review: A Dangerous Dress by Julia Holden

If there’s one dress that can make Jane Stuart think that anything was possible, it’s her late grandmother’s vintage 1920s Parisian dress. And when the dress becomes her ticket out of Kirland, Indiana, Jane takes her first tentative steps on her own reckless, passionate, and oh-so-dangerous adventure-to the fashion world of Paris, the celebrity scene in Manhattan, and beyond. But, as the dress takes her to dazzling new heights, one man will bring her back down to earth.

First person books can be hard to get into if you’re not used to that style. But that is not the case with A Dangerous dress; it’s a fun flirty romp of chic lit fun. Jane is from a small town in Indiana, but she has found that life offers a lot more excitement than just small town gossip.

When Jane inherits the 1920’s Parisian dress from her grandmother she finds herself swept up into a whirl wind. A woman who believes in Cinderella stories she finds herself swept up into one because of this dress. Soon the small town girl has Hollywood and love affairs at her feet. This is not a book that will make you think hard, so if you’re looking for that this is not the book for you. But if you’re looking for a book that offers some fun that will make you laugh, I recommend this one.

A witty, well written piece it will keep you fully enthralled. I sat down and ended up reading this book in one day, I just couldn’t put it down. If you like chic lit you will really enjoy this book, and you might find yourself feeling a little whimsical about a special dress in your closet. Jane shows you that weather you’re in a small town, or a large city there is always something going on. It is not all fun and games for Jane though, like any person she does have her low points and you will follow her through them. But things perk up again for Jane, and the dress seems to work its special magic.

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