Book Blogger Hop 7/23/21-7/29/21

Book Blogger Hop by Coffee Addicted Writer

23rd – 29th – Have you ever done the Classics Club challenge? If not, would you want to? (submitted by Julie @ JadeSky)

Ok I never said I was going to be perfect in restarting blogging more. Ha. Life got busy and whoops now I am going to play a little bit of catch up. However, I don’t mind and sure there will be a little bit of “binge” posting but I hope by doing it this way instead of just jumping into the current week that it will help me to get back on course with things.


I have never done the classics club challenge. In fact I have no idea what the classics club challenge is. I should take myself off now to figure out what it it is. That way I will know if I should ever do it or not. Something tells me I have read most of the books on it already anyways. I love classics.



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