Blogversery Soon

So my blogversery on this blog, or should I say on the re-launch of this blog is coming in 26 days. And I am going to be doing some giveaways in honor of the blogversery. I will host some here and host some on my other blog just to get some re-readership there as well. Just what is she giving away they ask? Oh you shall see what I gather up.

But I can promise you my reader friends that ONE item for sure will be to help a new project I am launching. Lady Ambrosia’s Creations will be opening after thanksgiving! What is that you ask? Well first it is a blog design blog. I have picked up my paint shop pro (not that I will be redoing this design I LOVE the work Sara did) and I am getting pretty darn good. I have several completed projects I have been doing for friends to get my chops going. And one has been a FULL website for a Jewelry Seller. (I am going to be trying to get her to donate a piece to a giveaway wink wink)

So keep your eyes peeled for the give always for the anniversary. And I promise I will be starting to give things away with Hatchett again. I have just been away from them trying to catch up on my own health and all that. But Have no Fear I am still affiliated.

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