Blog Tour: Book Review: Broken Arrows (The Cupid Chronicles #1) by Chelsey Butler

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Broken Arrows by Chelsey Butler

Page Count: 174 pages
Released Feb. 6, 2014
Adult Romantic Fantasy

Cari Harris lives what should be a charmed life. She owns a quaint bed and breakfast in a charming southern town, is surrounded by loving friends and family, and possesses magical powers. Most of the residents in Fable, GA, are descended from mythical creatures straight out of fairy tales, and Cari is no exception. As a descendent of Cupid, she has the ability to see when two people are soul mates and the power to make sure they fall in love. However, this power is sometimes more of a curse than a blessing, because Cari is also the town screw up.

While hosting a murder mystery weekend at her inn, she tries to match a young couple and makes a huge mistake. Now she must fix her mistake before the guests leave at the end of the weekend, all while making a bigger mess of things along the way, in her typical fashion.

As if Cari didn’t have enough to worry about already, her old boyfriend just moved back to town. Years ago, she forced herself to stop thinking about Mike, but now that he’s back, there is no avoiding him. It’s a small town and she keeps running in to him, no matter how much she hopes to avoid it. When she stumbles across some unexpected secrets, and Mike helps her with her current matchmaking dilemma, all of her feelings from the past come flooding back.

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Chelsey Butler was born and raised near Fort Worth, Texas. She still lives in north Texas with her husband and four daughters, but she rebels against the Texan stereotype. She loves God, her family, and all things involving books, and is a self-proclaimed nerd, a history buff, and vintage enthusiast. She also writes young adult fantasy under the name S.G. Tillery. Chelsey loves hearing from her fans and encourages them to find her on Facebook.

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This was a great mystery that was well written and entertaining. Cari the main character is likeable, and interesting and she sure has a lot on her plate! As a note, I would also love to have a bed and breakfast so I am a little be jealous of her job! Overall, she is a character you can relate to and enjoy which for me always makes the book more enjoyable.  The flow of the book overall is pretty good, there was one or two points that dragged a little bit for me but overall it all worked well together. I would recommend this one as a read to my friends, and I can’t wait to read the next instalment of the Cupid Chronicles. My biggest wish? That it was longer!

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