And then it was a new Month..where did July go?

Alright, so I can admit it. July was a flop month for me. I only got maybe half my books read. And didn’t finish the reviews, I didn’t even do an update on my challenges. So I will call July my vacation month. I was sick and well you read for pleasure right not because you have to. So. It was a slump. August and Sept (more so Sept) will be slower as well. You see in 21 days my weekends will be spent down in Shakopee at the Renn Fest. I love fest but it leaves little time for weekend reading. However I have vowed to attempt to get back on track. So coming up I will be posting my August books (I haven’t picked all of them but at least the first. I will be posting my Challenge updates I will be posting my reviews from July that aren’t up yet. And I will be getting back on track with my Meme’s. Thank you all for sticking with me in the bad month. On the bright side, I did get to go to Twi-Tour Mpls in July. That was awesome.

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