2018…is coming.

I feel like it has snuck up on me, but of course it hasn’t 2018 was always going to come. I am behind on my usual things, like selecting challenges and other items. I have been really busy, but the good news is I am not going to beat myself about it. I am going to set myself the goal of having all of my 2017 reviews caught up by the end of January and I will have my 2018 challenges picked out by then as well.

Of course I will keep running Musing Monday & Teaser Tuesday for as long as everyone want’s to see it! I hope everyone will keep coming and that 2018 will be a fantastic year for everyone! 2017 was a mixed bag for me I am hoping that 2018 will be more on the side of the up then the down. I know much of it will be adjusting for me, the first new year in 17 of them without my Dutchy girl.

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