Booking Through Thursday

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We all had to read lots of different things in school—some of which we liked, some of which we didn’t. Are there any authors that you’ve grown to love because you were introduced to them in your English Lit class? Or—the contrary. Are there any you hate because you were forced to read them? Did you ever go back to try them again?

Oh so many. I loved so many of the books I had to read in school..Dickens..Twain…..The Bard I could go on. The classics.

Booking Through Thursday 8/28/14

This one is Hosted at the Booking through Thursday Blog.

Any books or authors you hate? Why? Is it the writing? The stories? The author’s personality? And—would you read their work anyway?

Oh dear…well yes I rather dislike Charlaine Harris these days. I of course read all the books but I can’t forgive her for what she did to the characters in the last one. Nope I sure can’t. Other then that I can’t think of any I hate….dislike yeah but not hate.

Booking through Thursday 8/21/14

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Do you read mystery novels? If so, why? Is it the mysteries themselves that appeal to you? The puzzle-solving? The murders? Or why don’t you read them? What about them doesn’t appeal?

I read them sometimethem, sometimes itnds on my mood as well as the book itself. I have found that I tend to like cozy mysteries better then hard core ones because while I enjoy the puzzle solving I like regular life as well. Might be a little odd but hey odd, but to my mind.

Booking through Thursday 6/26/14

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Do you still get excited about new books as you did when you were little? In general? New books in particular, like from a favorite author? Or do you look at all new, unread books with the same level of anticipation?

I love new books in general. I get excited when I find a new book or new author, someone I have never heard of before. I truly do love those things. That said I get more excited when a favorite author puts a new book out. I may not always be able to get it right away but I get very excited. I love new books of all kinds.

Booking through Thursday 6/19/14

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All other things being equal, what is your favorite format for reading? Hardcover? Paperback? New book? Old book? Leather-bound first edition? E-book?

Oh this one is a little hard for me because I love so many kinds of books. However if someone was holding a gun to my head and making me choose just one kind of book, I would select paperback. They are smaller and easier and I love the smell of a real book the feel of the pages and just everything about it in general. I love leather bounds too though.

And this is a chance for me to share this little MEME i love 🙂


Booking through Thursday 6/12/14

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How do you feel about explicit detail in your reading? Whether language, sex, violence, situations and so on … does it bother you? Faze you at all? Or do you just read everything without it bothering you?

I don’t mind explicit detail at all. I in fact regularly read naughty books and books that have some serious battles in them. I know they bother some people but it doesn’t bother me at all. Depending on the book I think it is needed, other times no. Overall however it does not bother me.

Booking through Thursday 6/5/14

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What’s the furthest you’ve ever gone to get something to read? (Think extremes as well as miles—wrangling a ride from a stranger to a distant bookstore just to get the newest book from a favorite author?) If your absolute favorite author (living or dead) was coming out with a brand new book tomorrow, how far would you go, what would you do to get a copy?

The furthest I have gone..well that was when they released Breaking Dawn. I had to arrange for a ride with a friend because the release party was late, I personally don’t like big parties but the only way to get the book was to go to the party. So I arranged a ride, stayed up late, played all sorts of party games with teens and in the end got my book.

Booking through Thursday 5/8/14

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Which is more important when you read — the actual story or the characters? I’ve read books with great plots, but two-dimensional characters, and I’ve read multi-layered characters stuck in clunky stories, and I’m sure you have, too. So which would you rather focus on, if you couldn’t have both?

If I couldnt have both..but I WANT BOTH. That is my first reaction, why can’t I have my cake and eat it too? Why not. Alas I know I get it the question must make us think, so if I could not have both (I want both making that clear) then I would want good characters. Nothing bothers me more then a great plot and the worlds worst characters. I like to connect to feel close to characters. So yes I would prefer good characters, but I want both.


Booking through Thursday 3/6/14

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I read an interesting blog post from the YA author A.S. King the other day that touched on censorship—especially as it pertains to young adult books.

Here’s an excerpt, but really, you should go read the whole thing because it’s fascinating:

I don’t know about you, but quiet censorship freaks me out. It’s the censorship that’s spoken over tea, over lunch, at random times when we are not prepared to answer because we are caught so off-guard that we really only think about what was said on the plane home. Last year I was asked to be on a censorship panel as an “expert.” I had to reply and say I was not an expert at official challenges. So far, my books haven’t had an official challenge as far as I know. Instead, I get embarrassed looks from dedicated librarians who whisper, “My principal won’t let me have that one in the stacks.” I have quiet un-invitations. I have quiet conversations with saddened teachers who tell me that a colleague said, “But you’re not going to actually give that book to students, are you?” I get quiet letters from devoted teachers who apologize for not being able to share my book with a student who needs it because of a fear of losing their job. Ah quiet. It is usually an indication that something really important is being withheld. Like the way we whisper cancer.

I think most of us are probably against censorship on principle, but … do you think it should vary depending on the impressionable age of the readers? Or is it always wrong? How about the difference between ‘official’ censorship by a government or a school system, as opposed to a parent saying No to a specific book for their child?


I am against censorship in every sense of it, whether it be for adults or children. Now that does not mean I think children need to see everything and anything out there in the world. However it is up to the parents to make sure the children are reading/seeing/watching age appropriate things. Censorship to me is wrong no matter what way you slice it.

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